When you think of cutting-edge innovators, who comes to mind?

Probably a scientist in a lab, working on a new invention.

Or a software engineer dreaming up a cool new app.

True enough. But many people may be surprised to know that among the leading innovators of today are America’s registered nurses.

They are

Honored to have made the list again this year for the Global Guru Top 50 in Customer Service. My book What Customers Crave continues to be the number one top listed book on Amazon from more than 50,000 customer experience titles. I would love to take credit for all of

Digital ubiquity and enabling technologies provide us the opportunity to create beautiful solutions that deliver meaningful organizational and customer value. I find however, that there are basically two problems when it comes to leveraging enabling technologies to drive customer value and they include the "Type A Problem" and the "Type B Problem"

After three years of researching the concept of customer experience as an innovation design process, I unearthed many interesting things. The first thing I discovered is that in lieu of innovation, organizations create a hate vacuum? In other words, when we not willing to do the heavy lifting of inventing