Nicholas Webb


Digital ubiquity and enabling technologies provide us the opportunity to create beautiful solutions that deliver meaningful organizational and customer value. I find however, that there are basically two problems when it comes to leveraging enabling technologies to drive customer value and they include the "Type A Problem" and the "Type B Problem"

After three years of researching the concept of customer experience as an innovation design process, I unearthed many interesting things. The first thing I discovered is that in lieu of innovation, organizations create a hate vacuum? In other words, when we not willing to do the heavy lifting of inventing

If customer experience is a design process, and it is, then it's incredibly important that we pay attention to micro-moments. Today we have the power of digital ubiquity, connection architecture and a wide range of enabling technologies to invent perfect human experiences. The problem is, most organizations are using the

After three years of research and writing my book What Customers Crave I discovered some very shocking things. One pervasive phenomenon I entitle, "Customer Service Crack" (CSC). So what is CSC? Simply put, it's when organizations try to leverage technologies to gain insights about customers hates and loves so that they

The future of home security is the subject of massive disruption. The old-fashioned model of selling monitoring services to residents and businesses no longer delivers enough value to consumers and business owners to make it worth it. In fact, some studies suggest that as much as 90% of alarm incidents

“The future for both organizations and entrepreneurs is in leveraging innovation techniques to design masterful customer experiences.” Nicholas Webb knows a thing or two about both customers and innovations. As an inventor, he’s been awarded over 45 patents. He now channels his innovative skills to help some of the world’s

The Freakin Future

The future has been described as disruptive, however disruption suggest that the future will see significant and breakthrough changes in virtually all areas of our life and business. The truth of the matter however, is that the future can better be described as destructive. In other words, consumer

You need to own the Guest Relationship!

At a recent "Hospitality Hackathon" that I facilitated for top executives in the hospitality and travel industry, I discovered something interesting. In the old days hospitality and travel led the world in customer experience, then something terrible happened! The executives that led these organizations made