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A Glimpse Into the Future of Health Care. Well listen I'm really anxious to share with you today a glimpse into the future of health care and and really what I think is most exciting about this is the fact that the future of health care and...

Don’t Be a App Hole

Don’t Be a App Hole

Digital ubiquity and enabling technologies provide us the opportunity to create beautiful solutions that deliver meaningful organizational and customer value. I find however, that there are basically two problems when it comes to leveraging enabling technologies to...

America’s Nurses: The New Superheroes of Innovation

America’s Nurses: The New Superheroes of Innovation

When you think of cutting-edge innovators, who comes to mind? Probably a scientist in a lab, working on a new invention. Or a software engineer dreaming up a cool new app. True enough. But many people may be surprised to know that among the leading innovators of today...

“His presentation was VERY well received!”

Jeanette F. , Director of Sales Operations / Cigna

“I got raving reviews, including from the global head of R&D and head of quality.”

David Lee / Baxalta

Nicholas Webb’s talk was a religious experience.

Carla Lyons, VP Marketing / Lillibridge Healthcare Services, Inc.

The best speaker out of all the years of our event!”

April Love, Marketing Service Manager / Limelight Networks

“Nick Webb boldly debunks common myths about innovation.”

Susan Obermeier / Association of Strategic Planners

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