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If you would like to provide us some additional information about your event, please fill out the book Nicholas form and we will provide you information regarding availability, fees and other details. Additionally, Nicholas will prepare a custom talk abstract specific to your organization, event and Industry.

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Don’t have time to fill out a form? No problem, you can contact Michelle Lynn our client concierge directly at: (530) 355 – 6190.


Want to make sure Nicholas is your best fit? Simply call us to arrange a free pre-booking call with Nicholas.

About Nicholas

Nicholas is one of the most sought after Innovation, Technology, Business and Healthcare Speakers in the world. If Nicholas is not available for your event, we will assist you by connecting you with an alternative speaker or speaker’s bureau that can assist you in finding the perfect speaker.

  • All talks are 100% customized to meet each client’s event strategy
  • Nicholas has the most contemporary and comprehensive bodies of research
  • Nicholas is a successful Inventor, Bestselling Author, Adjunct Professor and Technology Company CEO
  • Nicholas provides services to the top brands in the world and Nicholas has achieved Five Star Ratings