Nicholas Webb

One of the world’s top education speakers

Nicholas Webb

Innovation Futurist, CEO, Award-Winning Inventor, Bestselling Author, Medical School Professor

Your audience is demanding a keynote speaker with a real world pedigree of having been there. Nicholas Webb is an award-winning inventor with over 45 US patents, including one of the world’s smallest medical implants. As the CEO of Lassen Scientific, Inc. he provides innovation consulting services to the top brands in the world. Additionally, Nicholas is an author, a successful entrepreneur, the Director for the Center for Health Innovation at WesternU and an Adjunct Professor of Innovation at WesternU, a top medical school.

Book Nicholas now and have a five star rated speaker to WOW your audience.

A Powerful Keynote On The Disruptive Future Of Education From The Perspective Of A Successful Inventor, Professor, CEO, Researcher And Bestselling Author

Nicholas’ massive body of research combined with his inspirational stories of how everyone is an innovator will captivate and motivate your audience. His customized talks target the needs, problems, and opportunities that are specific to your organization and industry. Takeaways include:

The Massive Impact Of “Hyper-consumerization” On Education

The Three Waves Of The Future Of Education…And What To Do About It

The Transition From The “Hierarchy Model” To The “Collaborative Model”

How To Build A Future Ready Institution In A Time Of Disruption In Education

How Disruptive Innovators Are Changing “Economic Models” Of Education

A Snapshot Of The Future Of Collaborative Education – The Good News

Nicholas provides comprehensive organization and industry specific research for each of his customized talks.  This results in the delivery of both relevant and actionable takeaways for your audience.  That’s why Nicholas routinely receives Five-Star ratings from both the event coordinator and the audience.

Nicholas Is A Number One Bestselling Author.

His most recent book, What Customers Crave is used by top brands to design their customer experience (CX) and innovation strategies.

Innovation Roadmap Podcast

Podcast By Nick Webb: Futurist, Technology CEO, Number One Bestselling Author

Each week futurist Nick Webb, will share his personal thoughts on many engaging topics.

What clients are saying

Are you ready to take your creative ideas from “incremental” to ‘disruptive’ or even ‘destructive’? Nick Webb just spoke to one of our teams and left the group inspired and eager to break our normal conventions. He’s right when he says Innovation is not a bumper sticker.

Cal Austin, Regional Director Pfizer Innovation

Nicholas Webb was fabulous! Even though we talked four or so times before our All Hands Meeting in San Francisco, I had no idea of how funny, entertaining, brilliant and engaging he would be. Nicholas Webb’s keynote presentation was the hit of the day!”

Beth Baldwin, SPHR, Chief People Officer Burr Pilger Mayer, Inc

Nicholas Webb’s ability to visualize and articulate disruptive and continuous innovations that are likely to transform a traditionally slow to adapt pharma industry stirred the anxiety emotions within the executive audience during the AQCA Summit, yet generated a high-energy and inspiring atmosphere for the opportunity to advance the development of medicine.

Steven Whittaker, Executive Director AQCA

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