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The Future of Healthcare

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Healthcare speaker, healthcare keynote speaker, future of healthcare, 2016 speaking tour

As a healthcare speaker and healthcare keynote speaker, I’m extremely excited about the incredible year I had in 2015 speaking for some of the best organizations across the entire healthcare ecosystem. These events included great organizations like Verizon’s health partner symposiums, the Western Regional Blue Cross Leadership forum and literally dozens of pharmaceutical, hospital/ clinics and medical device company events. Lets face it the future of healthcare is extremely complicated and many organizations are having a hard time understanding how new technologies and business practices will affect their business. As a healthcare speaker I try to communicate in simple terms to my audience so that they can understand how they can apply these new trends in a practical manner in their business and clinical models. I also customize my talks for each of my clients so that I can deliver the best possible return on investment giving them actionable insights that they can realistically apply in their business immediately. My tour in 2015 was absolutely amazing I traveled to incredible places including Dubai and Bordeaux France and dozens of US locations speaking to some amazing organizations.

During that time I had the great honor of meeting some of the smartest people I’ve ever met in my life. As I prepare for my busiest speaking tour ever in 2016 I have a whole new body of knowledge around some incredibly exciting trends that include – anticipatory health, healthcare as a consumer packaged goods, the digitized patient, cognitive computing in healthcare and the new concept around patients as digital nodes just to name a few. As a healthcare speaker and healthcare keynote speaker I have the tremendous honor and responsibility to deliver the freshest information that goes beyond an inventory of the obvious. This year I will be challenging my audiences thinking to help them realize how fast these changes are happening and what their organization can do to lead their market in 2016 and beyond.