Nicholas Webb Nicholas Webb
Keynote Presentations
Today team members want to be involved in a mission that matters to their own personal evolution in the service of others. In this powerful keynote presentation, Nick gives your audience the tools to grow, thrive and prosper. This program significantly improves quality of work-life, team retention and productivity.
  • Building experience maps that drive happiness at work
  • The major impact of quality work life and productivity
  • How to attract and keep the best talent in the world
  • The breakthrough science of the “contentment continuum”
  • How to build superstar teams that love working together
No two organizations are alike. That’s why every training program is customized to the unique needs and opportunities of every client. These meetings are fun, fast, and most importantly, they deliver significant return on investment through improved quality of work-life, productivity and employee retention.
  • How to build an ecosystem of human experience design
  • How to institutionalize happiness
  • Why quality of work life is an innovation activity
  • Building the ultimate competitive edge with superstar teams
  • Attracting and keeping the best talent in the world
Executive Coaching

Nick reserves a handful of timeslots each year to work with high-level executives to help them manage for achieving work-life balance, improved productivity, mitigation of burnout, and ultimately, the creation of superstar teams. Coaching sessions are extremely limited please contact us to check availability.

  • How to go beyond success to incredible happiness
  • Why you need to put moments over money
  • How to inspire and lead the best teams
  • How to build a personal brand of happiness and giving
  • How to achieve true work-life balance