How to Find your Juicy Center

How to find your juicy center is my upcoming self-help book. I never thought I would be involved in writing a self-help book. Then one day I woke up with the idea of helping people understand some basic principles that I’ve learned from my own lost juiciness. I really wanted to create something that might actually help them. To be perfectly honest the real purpose of this book for me initially was some form of self psychotherapy. As a very prolific innovator and entrepreneur I have jumped into so many things that I sort of accelerated my understanding of how to make businesses and for that matter life work. I guess my long-term resistance of writing a book like this was really asking myself… who the hell do I think I am giving life advice other people. But as my advice started helping friends and relatives I begin to see that there was some fundamental principles that we tend to lose sight of as we fall into the rhythm of the life we were supposed to live.

In many ways this book is about taking us back to our original intent of perfect creative beings that are here to explore, thrive and yes even prosper. It’s about finding the beautiful equilibrium of living a life and making a living. It is about the willingness to shed the person we think everybody wants us to be and to reach deep within our “juicy center” defined by the beautiful uniqueness that makes us special.

I think another important part of this book is that it helps people understand the instrumentation of thought and how feelings of fear, anxiety and other negative emotions are really nothing more than a cosmic tap on the shoulder. It speaks to how we can use these emotional signals to identify ways to course correct and to find our ultimate juiciness. I actually have a blog radio station starting in January that will catalog my journeys as I finish this book which will include interviews with amazingly creative and intelligent people that share their story of how they got to be so juicy. I also have a very interesting and I would even say shocking distribution strategy for this book that I will reveal in late spring when the book is done.

Juicy Center

How to find your juicy center a book on how to recapture your original intent and live a life of meaning, success and happiness by author Nicholas J Webb

My goal is to collaborate with all my network, as my only qualification for writing this book is that I know a lot of smart people that are going to allow me to share their beautiful stories. If you’ve had experience in your life where you realize that you are off track and then found yourself back to your authentic self I would love to hear your story and included in this book with your permission. If you don’t have one of those stories I hope you’ll enjoy reading my narrative as I share with you the incredible power of finding your juicy center. We are all born with beautiful and special juiciness, it’s our delicious center that makes us who we are so here’s to a year of juiciness.