Today’s leaders are disruptive innovators

How to manage in a time of disruption


What you get

Free zoom scoping session

Selecting the right keynote speaker is critical to the success of your event. Nick provides a free zoom scoping session that provides you and your team the opportunity to ask the tough questions. Once you complete the session, you will know why the best organizations in the world are selecting Nick as their keynote speaker.

Free talk wireframe

In order to ensure the highest level of quality and return on investment, Nick provides a free wireframe that outlines the details of his presentation. This wireframe is provided prior to the creation of the final presentation to make certain the message is on target, and will WOW your audience.

Free Book for your entire audience on Innovation Leadership

Your entire audience will receive a digital copy of Nick’s upcoming book, “Innovation Leadership” on how to drive innovation in your organization. This powerful book is a playbook on how to lead complex organizations in a time of massive change.

Most importantly, you will receive a powerful custom keynote from one of the world’s top business strategist.

Nick is a world-renowned Enterprise Strategist and Innovation Leadership Expert. Nick recently provided a $10.7 million dollar return on investment for one of his consulting clients. He has been awarded over 40 patents by the US Patent and Trademark Office. As a Leadership and Innovation Consultant, Nick works with some of the top brands in the world. He also serves as a Chief Innovation Officer, and as an Adjunct Professor. Nick is a multiple number one best-selling business author and an award-winning documentary filmmaker. As a keynote speaker, Nick works with some of the top brands in the world, delivering powerful and engaging talks on future trends, innovation and leadership.

“Nicholas was inspiring and managed to connect very well with the audience”

Milena McComas, Global Director Marketing / DHL

“His message resonated with our audience and they raved about him.”

Kelly Love / TPC

“His presentation was VERY well received!”

Jeanette F. , Director of Sales Operations / Cigna

“I got raving reviews, including from the global head of R&D and head of quality.”

David Lee / Baxalta

“Nicholas Webb’s talk was a religious experience.”

Carla Lyons, VP Marketing / Lillibridge Healthcare Services, Inc.

“The best speaker out of all the years of our event!”

April Love, Marketing Service Manager / Limelight Networks

“Nick Webb boldly debunks common myths about innovation.”

Susan Obermeier / Association of Strategic Planners

Nick serves the best

Brands in the world.

Mastering leadership in the time of disruption

In a time of massive disruption, today’s leaders need to possess the skills and tools to lead multi-functional diverse teams that drive enterprise success. In this powerful presentation, world-renowned enterprise thought leader Nick Webb will WOW your audience. Your audience will love this presentation, and will leave with actionable takeaways, takeaways include:

  • Why the best leaders in the world, have become Disruptive Innovators
  • How Disruptive Leaders are attracting and retaining the best talent in the world
  • Why you need to make “Happiness a Strategic Priority”
  • The Three BIG Future Shifts and what to do about them
  • How to avoid becoming an outdated and irrelevant leader
  • The new “Triangular Model” of leadership success