New Series of Business, Technology and Healthcare Podcasts

The future of business and technology on a weekly podcast

Top business podcasts by author and speaker Nicholas J Webb

Beginning February 15, 2016 I will launch my range of podcasts that will address the future of business, leadership, technology, customer engagement, healthcare and education. If you’re like me you’re probably too busy to try to read through hundreds of blogs each day to understand the trajectory of change in business and technology. That’s where my podcasts come in. I will do the heavy lifting of finding by interviewing the top thought leaders on a range of topics to help keep my audience up to speed on what they need to know as they build and maintain future ready organizations. Here’s a list of the various channels within my podcast program make sure and check back in mid February so you can subscribe and listen at home, the office or on the road.

The Nicholas Webb Show – the Nicholas Webb show is a business and technology show that speaks to emerging trends that every CEO needs to know about. These trends will include how organizations are leading their markets by leveraging technologies, customer engagement, new business practices and disruptive innovation.

The WAVE THREE SHOW – this show is all about the future of healthcare and wellness. I will bring in world-renowned experts to get their take on how wearable technologies, connection architecture, new business and clinical models will affect the future of healthcare. This shows if for healthcare executives and will provide actionable takeaways each week for my listeners.

The Innovation Superstar Show – this powerful show will provide educational resources to teachers, parents and children around STEM, creativity and innovation education. I will provide practical activities that teachers can use to help ignite the creative imagination while building out the innovation genius of their students.

Other shows in development will include Powershift – the new science of customer engagement and other channels to help my audience get the latest insights on Business, Innovation, Leadership, Technology, Education and Healthcare.

All of the Podcasts are weekly programs and they will be available at or on iTunes