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Nicholas Webb provides keynote and conference speeches to top events worldwide. As one of the top keynote speakers, he is engaged by the best brands and associations in the world. He is a five star speaker that provides customized talks that the delight his customers. This is just a few examples of what his clients are saying:

“Are you ready to take your creative ideas from “incremental” to ‘disruptive’ or even ‘destructive’? Nick Webb just spoke to one of our teams and left the group inspired and eager to break our normal conventions. He’s right when he says Innovation is not a bumper sticker – you have to do something to make it come to life.”

Cal Austin
Regional Director / Pfizer Innovation

Feedback cards from Nicholas’s session at SEAL.
• Fantastic speaker!
• Fantastic, strong presenter. Great for catalyzing thoughts!
• This presentation is an innovative way to expedite the customer experience – Thank you for Crave!
• Let’s do a KAM (Key Account Management) collaborative Hack-A-Thon!
• Excellent & engaging speaker to think outside the box & not get stuck in fear or denial.
• Upbeat and positive representation of the changing healthcare landscape
• Motivates me to be innovative – Can we do a Hackathon at a future meeting?

Jessica Hess
National Trainer / Managed Health Care

“The feedback that I received was very positive that you understood the directions of what is happening and will happen in the industry. People liked that you were forward thinking about changes but also brought it back to the customer experience.”

Cathy Rempel
Event chairman / California Alarm Association

Everything went really well! We heard great feedback from the audience. He did a great job of making it personal, also he sold out of his book (the new one) What Customer’s Crave, which was a pleasant surprise! Like I said very personable and easy to work with which is always a nice touch.

Whitney Barham
Event Manager / Foundations Recovery Network

“Thank you so much for coming to speak to us this morning!  I got raving reviews, including from the global head of R&D and head of quality, who were all in the room. You have really given people something to think and talk about.  I look forward to seeing you at many future events!  Safe travels home!”

David Lee

“After reading The Innovation Playbook, I couldn’t wait to start my own Project X and neither will you. Nick Webb boldly debunks common myths about innovation and he’s not afraid to use children, pumpkins, or massages to do it.”

Susan Obermeier
Association of Strategic Planners / 2013 Co-Chair Speakers Committee

“At the risk of overstating Nick’s talk, our event committee described Nicholas Webb’s talk as a religious experience. Amazing talk.”

Carla Lyons
VP Marketing / Lillibridge Healthcare Services, Inc.

“Nicholas Webb’s talk was powerful, engaging and at times funny. But most importantly as the event planner, Nicholas Webb nailed it!”

Anna Cruz-Morales
Director Corporate Marketing / Acceller

“The best speaker out of all the years of our event!”

April Love
Marketing Service Manager / Limelight Networks

“His presentation was VERY well received. I heard many positive comments about not only the relevancy of the information, but the specific content and statistics he included.”

Jeanette F.
Director of Sales Operations / Cigna

“Nicholas’s talk was right on point and very well received!”

Scott McGowan
Vice President Marketing / Stratasys Direct Manufacturing

“Nicholas Webb’s Keynote, “An Innovation Roadmap for Success” at TriZetto’s Executive Innovation Forum during our annual healthcare conference was “spot on” and received “excellent” rating by all attendees. “

Dawn Maloney-Horn
Director, Corporate Marketing / TriZetto Corporation, A Cognizant Company

“Nick Webb’s ability to visualize and articulate disruptive and continuous innovations that are likely to transform a traditionally slow to adapt pharma industry stirred the anxiety emotions within the executive audience during the Avoca Quality Consortium Annual Summit in May 2015 yet generated a high-energy and inspiring atmosphere for the opportunity to advance the development of medicine.”

Steven Whittaker
Executive Director / Avoca Quality Consortium

“Nicholas really connected with our audience at SDL Innovate. He did a great job in preparation, and the audience could really understand how his message on how ‘hackers’ are reinventing the customer experience. It was a perfect motivator to get people to re-think how they connect and engage customers. Great job!”

Jeff Clark
VP / Global Marketing, SDL

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