Building a Culture of Happiness

Powerful message from Nick’s book “Heyday”


Why happy organizations win

If you want to thrive in the disruptive marketplace, you need to attract and keep the best talent, and that talent wants to be happy. If you’re going to compete in a hyper-competitive marketplace, you need to have satisfied customers, that also requires happy employees. We can show you how to attract and keep the best talent while attracting and retaining the best customers. The future is about Happiness as a Strategy™.

Happiness as an Enterprise Strategy

In a time of massive change, the best organizations in the world are making happiness an organizational mandate, and a core competency. In Nick Webb’s powerful keynote presentation, he provides fun and optimistic insights about the power of Happiness as a Strategy, based on his just-released book, Heyday – how to make every day the best day of your life.

Committing to Happiness as a Strategy™

There is inherent goodness about committing to Happiness as a Strategy™. Happiness as a Strategy™ is about inclusion, collaboration, and a true commitment to employees’ quality of life. The second dimension of Happiness as a Strategy™ is the dimension of customer happiness, as you can’t have one without the other. Learnlogic® provides both consulting and live/virtual training to help you achieve this vital enterprise objective. The program includes the ability to train your leaders and get certified as an organization committed to Happiness.

Happiness Certified™

Our Happiness Certified™ program will significantly improve both the quality of work-life for your employees while improving customer experience. The benefits to an organization include increased productivity, higher glassdoor ratings, significant improvements in customer satisfaction, retention and promotion and the ability to attract and keep the best talent. This program also provides substantial improvements on internal and external customer insights through our Soul of the Customer® program. All of this ultimately results in scalable growth and profitability. Oh yes, and it’s the right thing to do. Contact us to learn more..

Happiness Certified Leader™

The overwhelming majority of leadership training programs have little or no emphasis on the incredible impact of Happiness. Happiness drives productivity, attracts and keeps the best talent, and is mandatory in delivering great customer experiences. Our happiness leadership training program combines fresh research from What Customers Crave, one of the top books to read on customer experience for 2021, and our upcoming book, Heyday. This training program provides an emphasis on both human and customer experience design. Advance your career and your organization for 2021. This program is currently on sale for $899. The course usually takes 6 to 10 weeks, and there are no prerequisites.

Classes begin in Summer 2021.

Hey there!

Set up a scoping call and get a free copy of Heyday

Hey there!

Set up a scoping call and get a free copy of Heyday

Talk is cheap… in fact, it’s free.

We would love to learn more about your growth and patient experience goals. Please feel free to reach out for a free scoping session and a “PX Situational Analysis.” Qualifying organizations will also receive a free copy of the number one best-selling book, What Customers Crave. Let’s